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There are many investment choices available to Self Managed Super Funds.


Shares are the corner stone of every diversified portfolio, often sought after for their growth and yield. They help your SMSF harness the power of Australian and Global capital markets. Call us to discuss a suitable review of your existing fund or share portfolio and we can provide the details for several brokers we have worked with in the past.


Property has many attributes sought by an SMSF including the potential for hi high yield and the ability to be leveraged. The physical nature of property also provides investors with an element of comfort. While we do not provide advice, we can help with the figures, and put you in touch with experts who we feel comfortable recommending

Term Deposits

Part of a portfolio, terms deposits provide peace of mind. We have access to an extensive range of term deposits that can be accessed online to maximize your interest rate return.


The role of bonds is to be defensive within the portfolio and provide stable, continuing income. They also have known benefits that can help enhance returns.


Annuities provide for the potential for an income stream, no matter how long you live. They can often lock in guaranteed interest rates that can help keep in step with inflation.

We are of the opinion most SMSF’s should contain an annuity component.

For information on any of the above, simply contact by phone (02) 9525 0777 or email david@smsftactics.com.au


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